What is MBR (Master Boot Record)

mbr recoveryEvery hard disk has a consistent “starting point” where key information is stored about the disk, such as how many partitions it has, what sort of partitions they are, etc. There also needs to be somewhere that the BIOS can load the initial boot program that starts the process of loading the operating system. The place where this information is stored is called the master boot record (MBR), also sometimes called as boot sector.

Problems in the MBR of a drive can cause serious problems and can potentially render the data stored in your hard disk to go unaccessible. MbrFix is a command line utility, which allows you to recover and restore MBR records by repairing and fixing some of the common problems on the Master Boot Record. It is a freeware utility, which you can download at the link given at the end of this post.

Functions Allowed by MbrFix

Following functions are supported fir repairing your damaged MBR, The exact syntax of the command as give, is to be used for its execution.

  • MbrFix /drive driveinfo: Display drive information
  • MbrFix /drive drivesize: Returns drive size in MB as return value
  • MbrFix /drive listpartitions: Display partition information
  • MbrFix /drive savembr : Save MBR and partitions to file
  • MbrFix /drive restorembr : Restore MBR and partitions from file
  • MbrFix /drive fixmbr {/vista|/win7} : Update MBR code to W2K/XP/2003, Vista or Win7
  • MbrFix /drive clean : Delete all partitions on the selected disk
  • MbrFix /drive readsignature {/byte} : Read disk signature from MBR
  • MbrFix /drive writesignature : Write disk signature to MBR
  • MbrFix /drive generatesignature : Generate disk signature in MBR
  • MbrFix /drive readstate : Read state from byte 0x1b2 in MBR
  • MbrFix /drive writestate : Write state to byte 0x1b2 in MBR
  • MbrFix /drive readdrive : Save sectors from drive to file
  • MbrFix /drive /partition fixbootsector : Update Boot code in boot sector
  • MbrFix /drive /partition getpartitiontype : Get partition type
  • MbrFix /drive /partition setpartitiontype : Set partition type
  • MbrFix /drive /partition setactivepartition : Set active partition
  • MbrFix /drive getactivepartition : Get active partition
  • MbrFix volumeinformation driveletter : Get volume information for partition
  • MbrFix flush {driveletter(s)} : Flush files to disk for partition
  • MbrFix listpartitiontypes : List partition types

This small utility can be a life savior, when you need it most.

[Download MbrFix]