Microsoft Security Essentials Review

Microsoft Security Essentials is a free antivirus software, which is developed to work silently without making any fuss and it does the job real effectively. The best thing about this master piece from Microsoft is that it is low on options but high in protection. It has just four simple tabs, where all the options are arranged, and it is intended to provide the best possible PC Security without confusing the user anywhere.

Once you install MSE on your system, it replaces Windows Defender, which is the default Antispyware application, which comes bundled with the standard Windows Operating System, as it includes Defender’s Antispyware capabilities.

MSE can automatically provide the firewall protection to your system. Its new network inspection feature gives you specific protection against network based threats.

microsoft security essentials review

It has scored moderate scores with the various tests done by independent testing agencies, but it has scored very low when running on Windows XP. So, if you are still running your machine on Windows XP, it is not at all recommended to use Microsoft Security Essentials as a free antivirus software.

Here is a video on the features and review of Microsoft Security Essentials.

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