Online Password Storage – The Need

Today’s online world has changed a lot. Virtually every other website today is a membership site, requiring you to have a username and password. If you are an average Internet user, chances are that you may be expected to remember 20, 30, 50 or sometimes even 50 passwords.

It is so difficult to remember them all.

And on top of that, security activists like me say that you have to have unique passwords for all your websites and you also cannot think of using weak passwords.

How complex is this all.

So, you need a password storage and recovery application or software, which could handle all these requirements quite easily. And if you go for an online password storage utility, then you can access all your username passwords from any place connected to the internet.

Mitto – A New Online Password Storage and Recovery Application

There are lots of great online password storage software, some are free while others are paid. If you ask me, let me tell you that my favorite is Roboform.

But this post is about Mitto, a relatively new online password management tool, about which I came to know through a comment on my post SCARABAY | Free Password Organizer for Password Management.

online password storageMitto is a safe and secure online password manager. Our free service lets you add the passwords to all of your favorite sites in one place, then logs you in to each one of them by simply clicking a button. No need to remember or retype your passwords anymore! You can access your passwords securely from any computer, organize them with tags, securely share them with trusted friends.

Benefits of Mitto

Following are the benefits of using an online password management tool like Mitto.

  1. Automatic one-click logins with secure access to your passwords from anywhere
  2. Easily add new sites
  3. Built in security and anti-phishing features such as security codes sent as text messages to your cell phone, email security phrases, and login history
  4. The ability to organize with Tags
  5. The ability to securely share your logins and password with trusted friends
  6. No need to install, upgrade, and manage software on one or more computers. All upgrades and new features become available to you immediately, without you having to do anything else.
  7. No need to synchronize passwords between computers, because when you make changes, they are instantly available from wherever you access your account.
  8. No need to perform backups because Mitto servers are constantly backed up for you so that you will never lose your data.

Security concerns of Online Password Storage

People are many times skeptical about the security of their passwords if they store their passwords with some online storage service. But these services employ exhaustive security and encryption techniques for the safety of your passwords.

Here is a nice Video explaining the features of Mitto.


password recoveryTip: If you are like me who want to have your cake and eat it too, then RoboForm is an ideal solution for you. RoboForm is world’s largest used Password manager, which allows you to totally forget about botheration of remembering passwords and also handles their security very well.

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