Most of the antivirus and security software prevalent today provide you real time protection by residing in system memory and keeping a watch on the activities on malicious codes and malware. Howsoever smart, efficient and effective you security software is, chances are always there that malware and viruses are able to disguise themselves and remain present in your system creating havoc with your PC Security.

Sometimes, the problem becomes so grave that you are no longer able to use your computer and even cannot boot the PC. In such cases, traditional Antivirus Suites and security software are no longer useful, and you have to try some other methods. One method is to use Antivirus Rescue CDs and Disk, which operate through command prompt and usual full boot of your operating system is not required. They can run through the open source and light-weight OS like Linux.

We have earlier carried a review of some of the such Antivirus Boot scan CDs. You can find a list of these reviews at the end of this post. However, the effectiveness and utility of these rescue CD’s caries a lot depending upon the type of infection your computer has got. It is a good idea to try different Rescue CD’s till you get the desired results.

And if you want to create a master Rescue CD, with all such tools and utilities, Sardu is your answer. It is a ready-build pack of many of the popular Antivirus Rescue Disks, Utilities and much more.

SARDU (short for Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility) is a free software application that can produce a CD / DVD or a USB device with multi-boot support.

multiple antivirus rescue cd

The CD/DVD or USB device may include comprehensive collections of antivirus rescue cds, collections of utilities, popular distributions of Linux Live, and the best known Windows PE © and recovery disks.

SARDU does include a few utilities, but is primarily a tool for managing the software (ISO files) you download from other companies and developers.

Here is a nice video featuring the details of Sardu.

[Download Sardu]