If you are running a small Home Network and want to have a simple freeware tool to monitor your network then ShareWatch is a good choice. It does not do some detailed monitoring activity on your network, but can effectively do some simple monitoring tasks very well.

The beauty lies in its simplicity and ease of use even for the novice computer users. ShareWatch allows you to see who is connected to a computer and what files they are accessing. It can tell you if a network user is using the file and allows you to disconnect them so that you can edit/delete the file.

ShareWatch only watches folders that are shared out using the Windows folder sharing feature.  This is usually how people share files and printers with each other on a home or corporate network.  It can watch the shares of local and remote Windows computers, assuming you have the correct permissions to watch shares on a computer.  ShareWatch will show you the users connected and what files are in use by each user.  It will also let you close files, disconnect users, and remove shares.

network monitoring tool

Features of Sharewatch – The Home Network Monitoring Tool

  • Watch shares on local and remote servers.
  • Shows the users and computers that are connected to each share, along with what files are open.
  • Allows you to disconnect any file, user, computer, or share.
  • Address book lookup to show you the details about each user connected (this feature is turned off by default)
  • Computer lookup to show you both the computer name and IP address of the computers connected.
  • Can be run as a tray application.
  • Supports top-most and transparency.
  • Works on Windows Windows 95 – Windows 7.
  • Multithreaded to allow servers to be queried independently from each other while not blocking each other or the user interface.

Sharewatch may not a feature rich tool, but it does the basic job of network monitoring pretty well.

[Download ShareWatch]