msn hotmail securityHotmail, one of the earliest free web based email service, has lost a lot of ground in past years, especially after the popularity gained by GMail. And there are lots of reasons given by different people for the same. Some of these reasons include the better security features in GMail, integration with Google Accounts, More feature rich and things like that.

But it looks like Microsoft is planning to pose tough competition to other web-based email services and they have announced a lot of new features and revamping of Hotmail service. Look at the following video to get a feel of the things on offer. The new Hotmail is expected to be launched in summer worldwide.

New Security Features in Hotmail Security

These features include some interesting security features as well.

Account Recovery: Hotmail now enable you to use your cell phone or other items as proof of account ownership. For example, if you lose your password, or, worse, if your account gets compromised, we can now send you an account recapture code via SMS to regain access to your account.

Single-use codes: Useful when you login to your Hotmail Account from a public place like Cyber Cafe, where you fear that some keylogger or spyware can steal your Hotmail account credentials. You no longer need to input your password. You can request for a one-time code, which will be sent to your mobile, and it can be used for authentication to your Hotmail account.

Full Session SSL: New Hotmail will soon support the option to maintain SSL encryption between you and our servers during your entire Hotmail session.

Trusted senders: Hotmail will help you to visually identify trusted senders in your inbox, particularly banks and other institutions commonly used for phishing scams.