Need of Hiding Your IP Serial No.

Internet uses IP for the identification of individual computer and devices. This IP address is like an identification of your online presence and can reveal lots of thing about you to others.

Besides that, most websites you visitor tracking with the help of their IP Address. While most of them use that data for know the online behavior of their visitors, but some of them also use for other purposes, which may be detrimental to your online privacy.

To maintain strict confidentiality, you might want to Hide your IP address serial number.

How to Hide Your IP Serial Online

There are some simple tools available, which work as proxy for you and your real IP address remain hidden. Traditional Proxy sites are notorious for being too slow and not being of any practical use.

One of the simplest tools for hiding your IP and browse Internet anonymously is NotMyIP. It is a lightweight software, which you can download and start using it straightaway.

NotMyIP is a FREE tool that help overcome censorship and browse anonymously by hiding your IP address. It uses only high quality proxies and works with ALL browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc). No need for manual configuration or additional plug-ins or add-ons.

hide your ip serial

The clean user interface and the easy usage of the application make Not my IP the simplest hide IP solution. Only by pressing one button you will start to surf anonymously. One simple advanced section is also available allowing you to choose the countries you would like to receive proxies from.

NotMyIP is a stripped down version of their software Anonymity Gateway and is free for non-commercial uses. Useful tool for your PC Security.

Download NotMyIP