Secured Networking – The Need of the Hour

Computers are no more simply a computing device. They are today’s networking toys, which require to to be interconnected with the rest of the world for file sharing, data exchange, chat, video and music download and what not.

But when we start thinking about networking our computers and sharing information, we should always be concerned about the security of the data. But how to ensure that?

VPN – The Easy Solution

Virtual Private Networks provide the answers to that. VPNs, running over Internet, provide easy ways to exchange data with your online buddies in a secured manner without needing any piece of hardware. These VPN client software, which can be downloaded and installed in your computer to give you instant access to a VPN, are easy to maintain and use.

Wippien – The Useful Free VPN Software

free vpn softwareWippien is one such powerful VPN Software, which assigns you an IP address to enjoy full network services with your friends – just as they would be sitting next to you. No special setup is needed to establish connection. Wippien uses NAT traversal techniques to penetrate NAT devices and make direct connections between peers. You can access your friends’ shares, printers, services, desktop, even ping them through IP you see next to their name.

Unlike Hamachi, it requires users to link one another to simulate scenarios in Hamachi but in Hamachi, a user only needs to join a network to allow all other users to access their computer.

The best part is that this useful Free VPN Software is also a powerful P2P IM Client. It not only provides a safe and secured environment for all your file transfers, but also with this fully featured IM Client you can also exchange messages and files, have visual and audio notifications on new events, change its appearance – all in one product! it can connect to ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Jabber, Google Talk and many other protocols!

There is a nice video on YouTube on how to install Wippien.

Is that all about Wippien

No, still more. You can download and use Wippien for free, both for personal and commercial usage. If you like Wippien, you can adjust or rebrand it to suit your needs. Source code is available and can be downloaded from our website.

Great Free VPN Software for your PC Security. Download Wippien.