<strong>online privacy protection</strong>Browser Cookies, also known as HTTP cookies are the order of today’s online world. They are small little scripts, which are downloaded and stored in your browser folders, when you visit many of the websites. The purpose of these cookies is to serve personalized experience to you, based upon your preferences. They help to identify yourself while you are online.

This is only just one side of the story. The fact is that these cookies also serve to the benefits of the advertisers much more than to serve the user. The advertisers, with the help of these cookies, are able to identify a user’s online behavior and thus they are able to serve targeted advertisements, which mint money for them.

Many users make sure to delete these cookies from their browsers on a regular basis to ensure their online privacy protection. Deletion of the cookies is simple and most of the browsers allow you to delete all the cookies with simply a few clicks in your browser settings. Its easy.

But do you know that there are some cookies, which are hard to remove even with your browser settings. We are talking about Flash cookies, sometimes also known as Local Shared Objects, or LSO. They are real hard to get deleted from your systems and browser settings are simply incapable of removing them from your computer. Some of these Flash cookies are also know to re-create the http cookies, soon after you have deleted the http cookies.

How to Ensure Online Privacy Protection from Flash Cookies

If you are a Firefox user, then there is a simple addon, which is specifically developed for this purpose. Better Privacy Firefox Addon (download link given at the end of this post) just clears  the Flash cookies from your system on every browser shutdown. It is a simple install and forget type of script and works silently behind the screen ensuring to clean your system in the background without making any noise.

If you really care for a better online privacy protection then what is provided by usual browser settings, then try Better Privacy Firefox Addon.

[Download Better Privacy Firefox Addon]