Steganography – The Art to Hide Data inside Image, Audio or Video Files

hide data in imagesIf you have never heard of Steganography, then let me tell you that it is an art to hide your sensitive data inside innocent looking files like simple images, audio or video files such that the hidden data can be retrieved by the recipient easily with the help of a decoding code.

A similar process is Cryptography. But in cryptography, then encrypted files raise suspicion in the minds of other people, who happen to access the hidden data during the process of transfer. And once the suspicion is raised, there are chances that they may try to break the encryption and ultimately get succeeded.

On the other hand, Steganography allows you to hide data without raising any flags. Only the desired recipient knows that some sort of sensitive information is hidden beneath the innocent looking media file. This is a useful way of secretly transferring data and information in some countries where encryption of data is not allowed.

OpenPuff – A freeware tool to Hide Data inside Image, Audio or Video Files

OpenPuff is a steganography and file marking tool that enables you to hide sensitive data inside images, audio files and videos. It supports 512bit key cryptography with SHA512 password extension as well as data scrambling, data whitening and creation of decoy data. Your sensitive data can even be chained across multiple files.In addition to hiding data, the program can also be used to apply a, invisible digital watermark to any of the supported file types, allowing you to prove ownership or verify file integrity.Despite the advanced features, OpenPuff is easy to use with a self-explaining interface.

Features of OpenPuff – The Freeware Steganography Tool to Hide Data

  • Images support (BMP, JPG, PCX, PNG, TGA)
  • Audio support (AIFF, MP3, NEXT/SUN, WAV)
  • Video support (3GP, MP4, MPG, VOB)
  • Flash-Adobe support (FLV, SWF, PDF)
  • Windows Executable support (EXE, DLL)
  • Multiple carriers chains (up to 256Mb hidden stream)
  • Random per-block-cryptography (8 open-source algorhythms)
  • Strong cryptography (512bit key, password hex extension)
  • Data scrambling & Whitening
  • Adaptive LSB & Bits selection level
  • Multithread support (up to 64 cpus) = Faster processing
  • Simplified interface
  • Unzip program and help in the same directory
  • Portable – no need to install

Here is a Youtube video, which explains some of the features and how to use this tool to hide data.

[Download OpenPuff – The Freeware tool to Hide Data]