Organizing and protecting the software license keys, serial numbers and product registration details is often a headache. People often procrastinate and give this important task a miss. At a later stage, in an unfortunate instance of system crash, virus infection or similar cases, when they have to do a fresh install of their software, people often struggle to retrieve the serial numbers and other product registration details.

If all this sounds a ring in your mind, then you may want to consider using a freeware utility, which can easily organize your software license keys and other details and export them into an EXCEL file, which you can store at a safe place for use in case of problems.

And you do not have to worry about how to list down all the software and applications, which are already installed on your system. Once you install this freeware utility, it scans your computer and makes a list of all the applications. You just have to fill in necessary details and you are through.

The name of this wonder piece of code is aptly kept as “All My Software”

organize license keys

Features of All My Software:

  • Auto scan for installed/uninstalled software
  • Ability to quick uninstall the software products
  • Flexible backup reminder
  • Ability to encrypt the database with a password
  • Simple list or tree-like database structure view
  • Database export to MS Excel
  • Single click to go to each developer’s web site
  • Single click to create an e-mail message to a particular developer’s support team
  • Easy to use search features

[Download All My Software]