Ensuring the safety of your passwords is the key to ensure your online privacy and safety. There are two golden rules to ensure your password safety.

  1. Use long passwords.
  2. Do not repeat your passwords on different websites.

However, It has been seen that most people do not follow these two simple rules just because it is lot of hassle to remember many passwords, which are difficult also. There are password managers to solve this problem, where you can store all your passwords in an encrypted form and lock them with a single password.

There are two types of password managers, both having their own merits and demerits. Online password managers offer you ease of operation and transportability to other computers. But at the same time some people do not feel comfortable enough to share their passwords with a third party.

The other type of tools used doe password safety are Offline password managers, which are to be downloaded and installed on your machine. You have to create a database of your usernames and passwords, which can all be accessed with a single master password.

LoginCode – The Quick, Easy Offline Password Manager

LoginCode is one such simple and user-friendly offline password manager. It is a freeware application and can be downloaded from the link provided at the end of this post.

The installation of LoginCode is super easy. During the installation process, you are asked to provide the master password and then it guides you through a Wizard, where the password database if created. In this database, you have to provide the website address, the username and the password. This database is stored in highly secure 256 AES format, which ensures you complete safety of the database.

Once the database is ready, you can double click on any of the entry to launch the website. The username and password will automatically be written on the webpage and you can straightway enter the website without requiring the type the username and passwords yourself.

password safety with logincode

Yet another big feature of LoginCode is that it can fetch the stored username and passwords from the popular web browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. These details are fetched and entered into its database during the installation process of this software.

Truly a useful application.

[Download LoginCode]