Disadvantages of Windows File Copy Command

Windows File Copy is one of the first operations learnt by a Windows user. But there are some big weaknesses of it, because of which power users do not like it. For instance, there you cannot pause and resume file copy operation with Windows File Copy. You cannot even copy different files from many folders at a time with it. Windows File Copy is slower and the biggest of all, it aborts the entire file copy process, as soon as it encounters a file error or corrupt file.

Pause and Resume File Copy Tool – SuperCopier

SuperCopier is a useful tool, which allows you to control many features of the file copy operation. SuperCopier replaces Windows explorer file copy and adds many features like:

  1. Transfer resuming
  2. Copy speed control
  3. No bugs if You copy more than 2GB at once
  4. Copy speed computation
  5. Better copy progress display
  6. A little faster
  7. Copy list editable while copying
  8. Error log- in case of errors, it just doesn’t stop, but tells you in the end
  9. Copy list saving/loading

pause and resume file copy

With SuperCopier, you can also specify your own rules in case it encounters an error. For instance, if a file with the same name already exist on the disk you can choose to either rename the new file, or rename the old file, skip the file, overwrite it, or cancel the copy process. There are many other features, which you may like.

[Download SuperCopier From Author website | from SourceForge Website]