The volume of the sound coming from the speaker of your computer can sometimes surprise you and others, specially at odd times. For instance, may be that you are working late night with your wife asleep aside and the volume of you computer is at the top level. Suddenly Windows Messenger beeps alerting you, which may be irritating to you.

To deal with such situations, you may want your PC to adjust the speaker sound volume automatically based upon the time. You may want that after 11 PM, the speaker volume get adjusted to its minimum, even if you forget to do so manually.

Volume Concierge – Automatically Adjust Speaker Volume

Volume Concierge is a freeware tool, which can do the job for you. The program uses so called volume rules that the user can define. Each rule consists of a day (or all days or weekends), a starting time and a volume level. On closing the window, it will be minimized to system tray, from where you can open the configuration console, disable auto-run and quit the application.

adjust speaker volume

Yet another possible use of Volume Concierge is to set it as a reminder. For instance, if you are a late night addict for computer games, you can set it to disable the sounds after say 1 AM, and you will automatically get a reminder that now it is time to quit and go to bed.

The big downside I find that it requires you to give them your email address. Don’t know if they really want to spam your email address with this simple tool. Yet another problem is that once started, it will reside in your system tray, which may already be cramped with other tools and software icons.

[Download Volume Concierge]