PC Tools Free Antivirus Review

Among its various layers of security, PC Tools AntiVirus Free touts effective security tools such as Search Defender, File Guard, Email Guard, and Smart Updates.  Search Defender protects you while you surf the web by warning against unsafe websites; File Guard checks for and blocks known malware in real-time; and Email Guard defends your PC against spyware and viruses that are sent or received via email.

pc tools antivirus free reviewAll the while, PC Tools AntiVirus Free runs Smart Updates to ensure that your PC is always protected against the latest threats by providing frequent free automatic updates and product upgrades.

PC Tools Free Antivirus is regularly updated, and even includes some useful extras like phishing alerts, Web site ratings, and adware and malware protection.

Despite all the claims, various testing agencies and labs have found that PC Tools Free Antivirus is definitely not the best tool when it comes to provide the effective malware detection and protection and against the latest threats and viruses.

And many of the features, which are shown to you in the dashboard are available only for the premium version. It looks as if the free version is only meant for the advertisement purpose of  the fully-featured premium version. If you are looking for some decent features in your free antivirus package and also want an effective malware protection, we would suggest some other alternatives, which we have already reviewed.

Features of PC Tools Free Antivirus

  • Core Protection: Monitors for and blocks known malware in real-time. Protection from known viruses, worms, Trojans and other threats while defending against spyware, adware, bots, keyloggers and other malware.
  • Email Protection: Guards your PC against spyware and viruses being sent or received via email.
  • Identity Protection: Warns you about unsafe or phishing websites and displays website safety ratings in your search results
  • Automatic Updates: Frequent automatic updates and product upgrades download to ensure that you are always protected against the latest virus threats

Here is a youtube video review of PC Tools Antivirus Free.

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