Today’s Antivirus and anti-malware marketplace is highly lucrative and understandably, highly competitive. You can find all sorts of products and software, all claiming to be the best one. And it is often hard to compare them as far as their efficacy in removing the virus from your computer is concerned. You often have to rely on the research reports published occasionally by the test labs.

Recently, OPSWAT, a leading research and security software supplier, has published a report, which gives the market share of different antivirus, antispywar and security software worldwide and in North America. The report states that AVAST Soware has a strong lead in the worldwide antivirus market in this quarter (Q3 2011) with 16.61% market share worldwide. AVG, Avira, and Microso follow, each with over 10% of the market.

The percentage of the market held by the top 15 vendors is shown in the given infographics.

most popular antivirus

Before jumping on any conclusion, please bear in mind that being the most popular antivirus might not mean that Avast or AVG are also the best antivirus. All the top 4 vendors in this list supply at least one highly successful FREE version of their antivirus and security software. And it might be that the popularity of these antivirus software is due the the popularity of these free versions, which might not be fully effective against all sorts of malware threats.

Limitations of the Study:

This report shows usage data for security applications on Windows systems. The data was collected using OPSWAT’s AppRemover tool, which utilizes the detection capabilities of the OESIS Framework to collect information regarding the applications installed on endpoint computers. This tool is free for download on and is used around the world by home and business users, both expert and inexperienced in security soware. The sample is assumed to be representative of the market for this report, based on the wide accessibility of the tool to a large range of users.


Founded in 2002, OPSWAT provides soware engineers and IT professionals with development tools and data services to power manageability and security solutions. The company’s primary product, OESIS Framework, is a manageability solution licensed by major technology companies like Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, F5 Networks, Microso, HP and many others. Having been adopted as the industry standard software development toolkit (SDK) for creating compliance and manageability applications, the framework’s application libraries have now been deployed on an estimated hundred million endpoint systems worldwide.

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