What is a Portable Malware Scanner

Malware and virus scanning is a real time requirement. Present day Malware scanners and antivirus software reside in the computer’s active memory and keep a watch on all sorts of suspicious activities and behaviors. They keep on comparing their database signatures with these activities and raise a flag as soon as they find some problems.

But none of them is perfect and despite the use of smartest and latest security and antivirus software, there is always a possibility that your computer gets infected with some sort of malware, which might sneak in penetrating the security wall.

In such cases, you might need something, which is called on-demand virus detection. They are one time virus scanners, which scan your system thoroughly for the presence of the malware and virus and take action accordingly. There are lots of them and you can find a lot of such portable malware scanners covered on this blog as well.

Microsoft Safety Scanner – The Latest Portable Malware Scanner

The Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free downloadable security tool that provides on-demand scanning and helps remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. It works with your existing antivirus software.

portable malware scanner

It is a portable malware scanner, which means that you do not need to install it on your machine. You can just download it and run it to scan your system. But you need to have the Administrator rights to use this malware scanner. It has three options like most other virus scanners. It allows you to do a quick scan, a full scan or a custom scan wherein you can select a file or folder to scan. It is about 70 MB is total download size and provides and quick alternative to your requirement of on-demand portable malware scanner.

However one important limitation of this online malware scanner is that this tool is not auto updating and it expires in a time period of 10 days. If you want to use it after 10 days, then you have to download it again and then only you can use it.

[Download Microsoft Safety Scanner – The Portable Malware Scanner]