Portable Web Browsers – Important Addition to Your Internet Security

portable browser securityWe have earlier carried a post on this blog, in which we have advised you to use multiple web browsers for different tasks to ensure your PC Security.

While this has really worked with me, I have known people, who are really infatuated with a particule web browser, and they just can’t think of working with any other other browser than their choice.

If you are one of those, who just can’t think of using some other browser than your preferred one, then you can think of using a portable version of your favorite browser. The portable web browsers do not require them to be installed onto your computer, and can be run from a CD ROM Drive or a pen drive. You can easily write-protect your pen drive to ensure that nothing the browser files are not modified and it will give you security while surfing on the net.

Portable Internet Browsers are also effective to ensure protection on the net, when you are accessing internet, when through a computer, you are not completely sure about whose security.

Here are a few links to the portable version of your favorite browsers.

[Download Portable Firefox]

[Download Portable Google Chrome]

Portable Internet Explorer – Probably it is not available, as it involves some copyright infringement issues

[Download Portable Opera]