Keyloggers and Screenloggers are increasingly being used by hackers and malware fraudsters to breach the privacy of innocent computer users and cause damage to their PC Security. We have earlier carried a post on Best Free Keylogger, which tells you how easy it is to spy upon somebody’s activities on the computer. We have also written in past about KeyScrambler, a useful browser addon, which works effectively as a free anti keylogger software.

Software like Keyscrambler operate on the principle of scrambling the data transfer between the keyboard to your operating system and then de-scrambling it. But the efficacy of an anti-keylogger software is limited depending upon the technique used by a particular keylogging software. Different leyloggers use different tricks, and you need an anti-keylogging utility, which is specifically developed to counter that.

Yet another trick to protect yourself from Keyloggers and Screenloggers is to use virtual keyboards, which allow you to type and enter your passwords through a virtual keyboard. Neo’s Safekeys is a freeware tool, which allows you to protect yourself from keyloggers effecetively. There are lots of options available to customize its functionality as per your requirements. For instance, it even allows you to enter a keystroke by simply hovering your mouse pointer for a pre-defined time. You can vary this time from 0.5 sec. to 2.5 sec. depending upon your convenience.

protect from keyloggers

Features of Neo’s Safekeys

Drag and Drop passwords: It allows you to tansfer your password by you dragging and dropping the password from Neo’s SafeKeys to the destination program (eg. Internet Explorer).

Protected Password Field: Neo’s SafeKeys 2008 (v2.1 and later) has protected password fields. Some keyloggers are able to ‘read’ password fields (where your password is actually in the text box, but is hidden behind “*” characters).

Different password entry methods: There are many ways you can enter your passwords using Neo’s SafeKeys 2008. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, using the Hover Mouse Mode to enter passwords should defeat keyloggers and screenloggers. You choose the method (or combination of methods) to suit your own security needs.

Password and Visible Text: If you wish, you can use Neo’s SafeKeys as a portable ‘notepad’. If the Password Mask is disabled, you’ll be able to see whatever you enter – but you could use Neo’s SafeKeys to write a short note using the on-screen keyboard or a scrambled keyboard. This should afford you some protection for the notes you write.

Improved protection against screen loggers: From version 2.3.0, Neo’s SafeKeys has improved it’s protection against some screen loggers. In short, it will be invisible to some screenloggers.

[Download Neo’s Safekeys]

[P.S.: Remember – many people make a mistake and spell it as Neo’s Safekeep. But actually it is Safekeys.]