If you are in search for a freeware tool to allow you to recover or find your stolen laptops and passwords, then Prey is something worth considering. It a smart tool, which resides silently in your device until you need it. And once you activate it, it is real powerful in locating your lost or stolen laptop or smartphone.

recover stolen laptop smartphone

How Prey Works

You first have to download the tool into your device and register it at their website. And that is all you need to do at present. In the eventual case, when your device goes missing, you have to visit the website and mark your device as missing. It then allows you configure certain options, which help you to locate your device and nap the thief.

If the device has the ability to work out its location, either via the mobile phone network or GPS, it’ll send you a map of where it currently is.  If there’s a webcam on there, you can tell it to take a photo of the current user and display that on the web site too.  Or, you can have it take regular screen shots instead.  It can even sound a loud alarm or flash irremovable messages on the screen, which will typical alert the nearby persons that it is a stolen computer. All this is done as per your settings which you can control from your settings page. Needless to say, you can also protect your data. You can remotely lock the device or delete the files on it..

Prey is also helpful in other situations, when you want to keep an eye on the activities of your children or your grandparents, while you are away from them.

This is a nice video introducing Prey.

[Download Prey]