PDF is one of the most commonly used format for sending and receiving files on Internet. PDF allows you to protect your documents against misuse by an unauthorized person accessing your document by providing to lock the pdf document with a password at the time of creation of the pdf document. This will require the password to be entered at the time of opening or accessing the file.

However in case, you have locked a pdf document with a password and forgotten it, then it becomes a nightmare to access its content. There are pdf password unlocker tools available on Internet, but most of them are paid tools and you can use them only after paying the money.

PDFUnlocker – A Freeware PDF Password Unlocking Tool

PDFUnlocker is a freeware tool, which recovers your lost PDF password through brute force technique. You have to provide the expected minimum and maximum length of the password. Then the password unlocking algorithm tries to recover your pdf password by guessing the password and trying them to unlock the pdf file.

A counter at the right side bottom of the GUI tells you the number of attempts taken by the software to recover your password. The unlocked pdf file is saved at a destination provided by you in the interface.

recover pdf password

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