The Internet Protocol Suite (commonly known as TCP/IP) is the set of communications protocols used for the Internet and other similar networks. It is the essential settings in your computer, which can block your Internet connectivity if not properly set.

Often people find that their Internet Connection is not working despite the fact that other computer working through the same access point or gateway are able to access Internet. If such is a case, there are fair chances that your TCP/IP settings have gone corrupt and you may have to restore or recover your TCP/IP settings.

In case you have a command over the network parameters, it may be a two minutes job for you to figure out what is wrong and you may set the correct TCP/IP Address settings.

But in case you do not feel comfortable with these jargons, then you may link to try a freeware tool to recover or restore your TCP/IP settings.

One of the components of the Internet connection on your computer is a built-in set of instructions called TCP/IP. TCP/IP can sometimes become damaged or corrupted. If you cannot connect to the Internet and you have tried all other methods to resolve the problem, TCP/IP might be causing it. Because TCP/IP is a core component of Windows, you cannot remove it. However, you can reset TCP/IP to its original state by using Reset-TCPIP.

recover or restore tcp ip settings

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