In this series of posts, we have been reviewing various software and applications, which are specialized to uninstall or remove a particular antivirus or security software.

The need of a specialized antivirus uninstaller arises from the that fact that it is normally very difficult to completely uninstall a security software from your computer through regular uninstall mechanisms.

However, there are a few generalized antivirus uninstaller software, which can work with most of the security software to completely remove or uninstall them. One such software is AppRemover, which is a freeware tool and is able to work with most security applications. The best part of AppRemover is that not only you can use it for a clean uninstall, but you can use it also for failed uninstall situations, where you have tried the built-in uninstall of the application but not have succeeded.

remove uninstall antivirus software

When Do you Need to Use AppRemover to Uninstall Antivirus Software

  • When replacing one security application with another
  • When competing security applications tie up your computer
  • When the application’s built-in uninstall process fails
  • When you have forgotten the application password

Here is a nice YouTube Video, which describes the application in details for those, who do not wish to read the stuff online.

[Download AppRemover]