How to Remove Windows Attention Utility Virus

Windows Attention Utility is one of the latest entrant in the ever increasing list of scareware. It is a rogue security software, which sneaks in your computer with the help of the some trojan or backdoor already present on your computer.

As soon as it gets entry to your system, it takes control of your your computer and makes modifications to the core Windows files. Windows Attention Utility continues to display lots of fake warnings and alarm messages, which all are directed in such a way to create a sense of panic in the mind of the user. All these messages suggest that there are lots of virus and malware infections present in your computer and you need to take immediate action for their removal.

When you agree to it, it will download and install Windows Attention Utility virus on your computer and reboot it.


Remember, Windows Attention Utility is nothing but a scareware, and it will not do anything to add to the security of your computer. Your best bet is to remove Windows Attention Utility at once and uninstall any script and process initiated by this deadly fake security software.