Keystroke logging, also known as Keylogging, is the process of recording your activities while you are working on your computer. Keylogging is almost always associated with bad intentions. But it is not always so. There are times, when keylogging is useful for watching and controlling the activities of the users.

home keyloggingKeyloggers may be specially useful for…

  • System Administrators : If you are involved in computer security, you must know that on a network the greatest threat comes from the inside. You can thus use robust Keylogger to be sure that there is no confidential information leak, or to detect illegal activities on your computers.
  • Employers : Keyloggers can be very helpful in your hiring process. Just install it on the computer of your new recruit during his training period and see if he spends more time chatting online than working on what you pay him for. With a hidden Keylogger you’ll make the right decisions, thus you’ll save time and money.
  • Home Users : You can keep an eye on your children activities. Know what is done on your computer while you are away. Recover lost text and passwords.

Revealer Key Logger –  A Useful Free Edition Home Keylogger

Revealer Free Edition is a simple keylogger application that will automatically keep log of all keystrokes and organize them into daily logs that can be viewed from the interface and exported to a text file. The interface can be password protected and the program configured to start automatically when Windows starts. It runs semi-hidden without a tray icon and visible interface.

home edition keylogger

Following are the features of this useful and free home edition keylogger.

  1. Logs every keystrokes
  2. Password protection
  3. Invisible window
  4. Invisible in Add/Remove programs
  5. Invisible in the Taskbar

There is a Pro version also available for this otherwise free home keylogger. This paid edition has some more features like…

  • Invisible in the process list (Ctrl + Alt + Del)
  • Invisible at Windows startup
  • Invisible on the drive
  • Delivery via email
  • Delivery via FTP
  • Delivery via local network

[Download Revealer]