rogue antivirusRogue Antivirus today are one of the biggest threats to computer users. They pretend to the legitimate security software and once they find entry to your system, display lots of advertisements and fake warning messages, all claiming that your system is infected with lots of malware and spyware and the only way out is that you purchase the full licensed version of the rogue security software.

But the fact is that full version of the rogue is simply incapable of providing any sort of security to your system and your money has gone down the drain, besides leaking your private information like credit cards to the untrustworthy hands.

These rogue antivirus try all sorts of tactics to remain invisible to the already installed legitimate software in your computer. The malware like Conficker often turn-off the security software silently to hide their presence of themselves. This class of malware is termed as retro-antivirus.

And reports indicate that retro-antiviruses are getting more and more aggressive in their approach and they have now started to use the social engineering tactics to trick users into uninstalling their genuine and legitimate security software like Symantec, Microsoft, AVG, Spyware Doctor, and Zone Labs, before installing AnVi Antivirus.

Symantec, the noted security vendor in a related article, has stated that they display warning messages, which suggests that the security software is downgrading the performance of their computer and they need to turn it off and reduce its potency. If they user gets trapped in the fake warning message, these malware installers use the uninstaller applications of these security software to uninstall them and thus, exposing the user to the cruel malware installation.

Be safe, be warned and be alert. Remember, no security software, howsoever smart and howsoever costly, can provide you absolute security in this world where security vendors are increasingly losing the ground to malware developers and distributors. Exercise caution while surfing the web and this will ensure your privacy and PC Security is never compromised.

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