Online vs. Offline Shopping – Convenience vs. Privacy

safe online shoppingWhen it comes to shopping, there is substitute for offline shopping, if Privacy is an issue in your mind. If you are shopping with cash, you can expect nobody to know about your shopping, except the security camera.

But when it comes to online shopping, you have to reveal a lot of information to complete the transactions; your email address, your physical address, your name, your credit card numbers and things like that. You never know, where does that sensitive and private data lands, when you are done with your online shopping spree.

How Shop Shield Protects Your Identity During Online Shopping

Shop Shield provides you with a browser addon, currently for Firefox, for installation. Once installed, it automates the entire shopping and bill pay process, and helps you login when you return to web sites where you’ve used it in the past. It can also auto-fill the anonymous identity information Shop Shield creates into an ever-growing list of web pages it recognizes.

Shop Shield replaces your real payment and identity information with anonymous data that is useless to thieves and can’t be traced to you. It’s the only product that protects ALL of your data, including your name, billing address, email address, passwords, phone number, credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts.

It also provides you the facility of Virtual Credit Cards to protect your real credit card information.

How much Does this Safe and Secure Online Shopping System Costs me?

At present the Secure Shield is free to try and they claim that using Shop Shield will be permanently free when you bill purchases directly to your checking account. Otherwise there are two plans – one for the occasional purchaser where you have to give about $2-3 on every purchase and the second for the regular purchaser, where you can use shop online safely for an annual fees of @99.

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