Online Disk and File Storage Service market is hotting up like never before. More and more people are opting for remote data backup and storage service. They are willing to pay a reasonable amount of money for the security and privacy of their data.

The concept of data backup has started right from the day one, when the hard disks were born. Traditionally, data storage was done with the help of disks, tapes, floppies in the past, which have now been replaced with optical disks, CDs, DVDs and things like that.

Advantages of Online Disk and File Storage

But those offline methods of data storage lack a few features, which are available with an online storage service. For instance, the data stored online is always accessible from anywhere. No need to carry your laptop to anywhere. No need to carry the data in your USB sticks. Just hook on to the Internet, enter your credentials, and you can access your entire data.

One of the basic reason for the increasing popularity of the web storage services is the availability of huge and cheap bandwidth. Now you can easily transfer hundreds of megabytes of data in a few minutes. This has made possible for the live streaming of video and audio files from the Internet, just as if they are stored locally on your computer’s hard disks.

Heart Drive – A useful and Free Online Data Storage Service

Heart-drive is a new online storage service for all of your files.

secure data backup

Heart-Drive allows you to …

  1. Store and backup your files: Drag and drop your files into our secure online vault.
  2. Sync multiple computers: Always have your latest files on every computer you use!
  3. Access your data anywhere: Access your documents from any web browser or mobile phone.
  4. Share and collaborate: Share with your collegues and publish your media on the web

How Heart Drive Ensures secured online data backup

The following picture taken from their website depits the measures taken by them for the safety and security of your data stored online.

secured data storage

Overall a nice tool for data backup and storage.

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