Save Ink with Preton

In case you are a casual computer user, who prefers to read your emails and web pages after printing them, you may need Preton Ink Saver tool.

Preton Ink Saver utility is a handy freeware tool for Windows user and an Inkjet printer. It allows you to save upto 25-40% on your toner ink through its patented algorithm to save ink by optimizing printer ink utilization.

How Preton Saves Ink

The ink saver technology is very different from what normal printers use in their “Draft Mode” or “Economy Mode”, which is generally based upon a combination of following methods.

  • Reducing printout dpi (dots-per-inch) – changing the dpi from 600 to 300. This method may result in about 5% -10% savings but will have the side effect of a light printout.
  • Reducing toner density levels – the printer will change the print density from 3 to 1. This method may generate 8% to 15% savings, with a much lighter output.
  • Half toning – changing the color from black to gray. This method generates marginal savings for non-color documents and will have the side effect of a low-quality light printout.

In contrast, PretonSaver uses a technology that employs sophisticated algorithms to selectively remove wasteful pixels. The selection of the specific pixels which will not affect the quality is what makes this technology unique and outstanding. During printing the spaces left by the removed pixels are covered by excess toner/ink from adjacent pixels, creating a printout that looks almost identical to a regular printout.

save ink with preton

The results are worth noting and the best part is that this nifty tool is just free for non-commercial use.

[Download Preton]