Password Organizing – The Need of the Hour

In this era of Web 2.0, when virtually every website has turned into a membership website you have tens and hundreds of username and passwords to remember. It is humanly impossible to remember each and every password on your own, and in such a situation, people often resort to either creating weak passwords or they tend to repeat the same password on a number of websites.

Both the situations are risky for your PC security.

The best way to ensure your privacy and security is to create long, strong passwords, do not repeat them on several websites and change them frequently. If you can do it own your own, relying solely on your memory, then it is great. Otherwise you need a Password Organizer to manage your passwords.

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ScaraBay – A Free Password Organizer for Individual Needs

SCARABAY is a versatile password manager which saves and protects logins, passwords and any secret information with just a few clicks. You can download this Password Organizer absolutely free.

scarabay password organizor

Features of ScaraBay

Here are some of the nice feature of this Free Password Organizer.

Security & Encryption:

  1. Storage of any confidential information (logins, passwords, E-Mail, URL, credit card numbers, …).
    Data file encryption. Data Password protecting.
  2. Multi-user working mode lets any member user save their personal data and passwords separately with unique settings. So, personal accounts can be created for each member of your family.
  3. All information is stored only at your computer or USB-flash drive. No personal data will be sent to the developer.
  4. Generates random passwords that hackers cannot guess. Avoids repeated and similar characters.
  5. Type in your master password via the on-screen keyboard and access to your personal data will be protected. If a key logger is installed on your computer and it is monitoring keyboard events for passwords, no keyboard clicks will be captured and your master password will be protected.
  6. If SCARABAY is minimized into the System tray, you can: stop automatic filling of the login and the password, by the SCARABAY button located on the panel of tools in IE, and demand input of the password of an account when maximizing from system tray. This will protect your passwords from strangers if you leave the computer unattended.

Password Management System:

  1. Stores any logins, passwords, E-Mails, URLs, and notes etc. in an encrypted file.
  2. Tree-like data representation. You can change the folders and records icons. New folders, folders in folders, and records can be created and moved on the tree by means of buttons or drag-and-drop. Records can be sorted and edited.
  3. Friendly and easy-to-use interface. Creative skins are supported and can be downloaded from the SCARABAY site.
  4. Automatic backing up of the password database can be carried out at a set time, when closing the program or change of user.
  5. Multi-user access to the password database. Switch between users quickly.
  6. Remembers the last user(account), following the start of the program establishes their settings.
  7. Runs from USB-flash drive, no installation needed. You can copy the program on to a removable device. Take SCARABAY with you and keep your passwords to hand. Your passwords are always with you.

Autofilling functional:

  1. SCARABAY autofills logins and passwords with one click. SCARABAY supports fills browsers: Internet Explorer, Maxthon Browser, Avant Browser, NetCaptor, Netscape.
  2. SCARABAY browser integrates with Internet Explorer, as they host a SCARABAY button. Click on the button located on the panel of tools and IE will automatically fill a login and password.
  3. Drag-and-drop function provide an opportunity to “drag” password, login, E-Mail, and URL and “drop” it exactly into the fields. Drag-and-drop identity fields to any forms and also where it is possible to enter the text into any place.
  4. One click will remember URL webpage with a login and password.
  5. Automatically backup the password database.


  1. SCARABAY is portable and it works from removable drives, such as USB-flash drives and others.
  2. Runs from USB key, no installation needed. Simply copy a folder of the program on to the flash drive. Take your passwords and personal data with you.
  3. Send account files to other computers or to another person you want to share your data with.

Overall a nice tool for your Privacy and Security.

[Download ScaraBay]