search internet privatelyIn the name of serving you the customized results, today popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others store a lot of private information about you. Not only this private information is used by these search engines to customize the search results served to you, but they also use this information to serve advertisements and sponsored results based upon your searching habits.

Can You Avoid Sharing Private Information With Search Engines

For most of the people it is ok with the information stored by the search engines. They care a damn about sharing their IP address and search history with those search engines. If you can’t live without these search engines then their is little you can do.

But if you really care about your privacy and do not want any of such data with the search engines, then there is a useful search engine just made for you.

Welcome to StartPage.

StartPage is one such Search Engine, which allows you to search Internet in total privacy. It even does not stores your IP address, what to talk about your search history.

StartPage basically is the new name of the Private Search Engine IXQuick, about which we have already written a writeup earlier. It was launched to give it a user-friendly name to its earlier avatar IXQuick. Bother search engines are having different domains but essentially both service give you similar results.

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