Importance of Software Patch Service

It is an established fact that 90% or more of the computers are vulnerable from security point of view just because they have not yet installed the latest security patches available for download and are continuing to use un-patched software.

Not installing the available patches is a great avoidable risk to your PC Security, which can easily be avoided if you spare a few minutes once in a while. Many of the modern software have an automatic update feature because of which they keep on searching their vendor websites for the availability of any patch or update. But still there are many other applications, for which you yourself are expected to keep on looking for the update.

This is a dauting task. And most users do not know how to do it. Thankfully, there are a few software available, which can do the task of searching for the latest update very easily.

Secunia Personal Software Inspector – A Great Patch Service

Secunia Personal Software Inspector is one such very popular Software Update Notifier, which focuses specially on security updates. It automatically loads on Windows Start Up and checks for the availability of software updates for the applications on your computer.


It arranges the information in a neatly categorized manner, with the download links besides each application, which take you directly to the page where the latest patch or release is available. It also allows you to choose between informing you of easy-to-patch program updates only, or all updates.

It is NOT the purpose of the Secunia PSI to detect whether your system has already been compromised or if local changes, settings, or missing requirements could cause the Secunia PSI to report incorrect results. The Secunia PSI relies on the meta-data of executables and library files. The Secunia PSI does NOT conduct an integrity check of the individual files, rather, it checks whether a specific program is vulnerable according to the reported version numbers and not whether the files have been compromised or replaced by other users or programs.

Download Secunia PSI