Email Security – Do You Really Need

Often I tend to think the Internet and PC Security concerns are hyped a lot. Looks like that antivirus and security software developers,  in order to increase their sales, create too much hype about the security threats and lure average computer user to purchase their products.

But, time and again I am proved wrong. It is an established fact that the security concerns are increasing day by day and you should be aware of them.

Normal Emails are like open letters. Anybody, who is able to sniff across your internet connection, and it is not difficult to do that, can easily read your emails. And going by the rate emails have started to be increasingly used for our personal and professional communication, it is really a matter of concern to ensure the security of email data.

How to Ensure Email Data Security

email encryptionThere are many ways to ensure email security. And the most common way is to encrypt emails with the use of an email encryption software. SendItSecure is one such sotware, which provides on the fly email encryption for email sent with Microsoft Outlook client.

This is a freeware utility for email data encryption, which you can download from their website. They also have the paid versions of this utilility, but the basic version for home user is just sufficient for individual needs.

How SendItSecure Encrypts Emails

When you want to send an e-mail that may contain confidential information, you simply depress the “Use SendItSecure™” button in Microsoft Outlook.  When you click send, you prove your identity by either entering your password. Your computer is also authenticated with a private key, giving you two-factor authentication.

In case the receiver is not using MS Outlook for emails, then also you can use SendItSecure. The encrypted email message is stored as an attached file, so you can send and open encrypted email messages with the stand-alone software. This allows you to use SendItSecure™ with any e-mail client, even webmail like Hotmail, Yahoo!, or (our favorite) Gmail.

There is a nice YouTube video, which shows how to use it for securing your emails with encryption.

[Doanload SendItSecure]