Instant Messaging is still having its utility and importance despite the tremendous growth of social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook. They are part of the lives of many of us, who use to spend lot of time on computers interacting with friends, colleagues and co-workers.

But, Security of the Instant Messaging conversation has always been a concerned for security-cautious users. Ordinary IM Chat clients do not provide any sort of encryption and IM security. They are vulnerable to hacking attempts and a determined hacking attack can easily access the conversation being carried over your Internet connection.

One of the solutions to this problem lies in the encryption of the IM conversations to ensure a secure IM session. BitDefender Chat Encryption is a freeware utility from the noted security vendor BitDefender, which keeps your instant messages safe from hijacking through a simple and automatic encryption process. This tool delivers IM privacy in a snap by securing all your communications via Yahoo! Messenger 8 and Windows Live Messenger 8.5.

secure im

It works nicely with most of the IM Chat Clients and the installation is simple and easy. You just have to ensure that BitDefender Chat Encrypting tool is installed at both the user computers. A simple way to ensure that your online buddies, with whom you frequently do the IM sessions, have this utility also installed on their computers.

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