Temporary Internet Files – Browser’s Speeding Tools

Today’s Internet browsers use Temporary Internet Files to serve you webpages and media content faster and quicker. Temporary Internet Files is a directory on Microsoft Windows computer systems. The directory is used by Internet Explorer and other web browsers to cache pages and other multimedia content, such as video and audio files, from websites visited by the user. This allows such websites to load more quickly the next time they are visited. Not only web browsers access the directory to read or write, but also Windows Explorer and Windows Desktop Search.

So far so good.

private browsingBut there is a negative side to them as well. Temporary Internet Files tells a lot about your browsing preferences and the sites you have visited. In case you are using a public computer, which is accessible to others also after you leave, then these files can be accessed to know what you have seen and visited. This may have some serious consequences about your privacy.

For instance, suppose you are searching for more information about a disease you just acquired, and do not want anybody to know about that. If you are accessing Internet from a public computer, then you need to take special care that the sites you just accessed are not known to somebody else.

One solution may be to delete the browser history and delete all the temporary internet files. Fine.

Fine, but in case, you think that you may need to revisit these sites, and as such, you do not want to delete the traces of these sites from the Temporary Folder, their is an easy solution as well.

You can use a portable Pen Drive and instruct your web browser to store all your cache and Temporary Internet files on a folder in that pen drive. After you have finished your browsing session, you can safely carry that pen drive alongwith you and use the same the next time when you are browsing internet.

How to Store Temporary Internet Files on External Pen Drive

Following steps refer to Internet Explorer 8. Similar steps are there for other browsers as well.

Click on Tools > Internet Options to open the Internet Option Window.

Click on the Settings Button in Browsing History section of General Tab.


Click on the Move Folder button on the next window.


Another window will open, wherein you can browse to the desired folder on your pen drive where you want to store your temporary internet files.

Save the results.