remove clampi trojanIf you have ever wondered about the size and effect of the malware threats like Conficker, then there are great chances that you have also heard about Clampi Trojan, which is potentially going to be one of the biggest malware attacks in terms of its effect.

It is being termed as one of the world’s largest and most professional thieving operations on the Internet.

It has spread across Microsoft networks in a worm-like fashion, and may already have infected hundreds of thousands of corporate and home PC users, according to SecureWorks researcher Joe Stewart, one of the world’s foremost authorities on botnets and targeted attacks.

The Clampi Trojan appears to be targeting 4,600 Websites, which are the sites with the most users and the most money.” Among the industries being targeted are banks, credit card companies, stock brokerages, insurance, retail, advertising networks, and utilities. Clampi is operated by a “serious and sophisticated organized crime group from Eastern Europe” and already has been implicated in numerous high-dollar thefts from banking institutions, Stewart says.

How Can You Stop Malware Like Clampi Trojan

It is a fact that there is no foolproof way to counter and stop such concerted malware attacks. “There is no product you can buy to stop this as a zero-day attack, at least at present. The only thing you can do is to exercise caution. It is recommended that you use separate systems and computers to do the financial transactions and do not use them for online web surfing and other works.

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