BurnNote is a simple web application, which allows users to send private and secret messages to others, minimizing the risks of them landing into wrong hands and getting misused. It burns or destroys the messages as soon as the recipients has read it and there is no way to retrieve it by anybody after the message has been read.

To send a secret note like password etc., you just have to visit the site http://burnnote.com and type your message. The secret message will be stored in their servers and you will be give a unique URL, which you can send to the desired person via email or any other method.

send secret notes

The recipient of the secret message will click on the link and visit the site, where he can read the secret note. And the magic starts after that. The message will get deleted after a predetermined time period of 3 minutes from the servers, and nobody else, even if he is able to get that unique URL which you sent to the recipient, can be able to read the message.

The time period of 3 minutes is variable and if the message is long, then you can even increase it.

Burn Note enables you to communicate online as privately as a spoken conversation.

Each Burn Note can be viewed only once and then it is deleted. Deleted Burn Notes are completely erased from the Burn Note servers so it impossible for anyone to retrieve them. More details are available on our FAQ and our technical information page.

Burn Note is useful for private communication. For example Burn Note can be used to securely send a password. It can also be used to have an off-the-record conversation with a friend.

There are additional security measures, which ensures the secrecy and privacy of your secret communications. The data is transferred  through SSL encrypted channelso no data can be sniffed through the transition. Even further, you can password protect you messages to add one more layer of security to ensure the secrecy of messages.

And the best part is that it is totally free.

Here is a youtube video, whcih shows the basic features of this useful web application.