With the access to increased bandwidth at a reduced cost, the use of cloud computing is gaining popularity. The days, when your data, files, folders, images and media files used to be stored on a desktop PC are going away. This is the age, when you require that your data is available to you wherever you go and whichever device you are using, whether it is your desktop at home, laptop at a client presentation, mobile device in your car or iphone / ipod in your pocket while you are listening to your favorite music.

One easy way is to use the cloud computing services, which host your data on their servers and allow you to access it through Internet from anywhere in the world and from any device.

But if you are a little bit concerned about the privacy issues and do not want to share your private files, folders and othersensitive information with a third party server, then you can turn your desktop itself into a cloud server. It is super easy and lets you access all the data stored on your home desktop from anywhere. You can even share your files and folders with anybody else by just sending a web URL.

All this is easily possible with Tonido.

Tonido – A New Way to Share Files, Folders, Images, Music from Desktop PC to Remote Devices

Share Files, Folders, Images, MusicTonido is a software and service that once installed on any computer (Windows, Linux or Mac), can make files and media in that computer available anywhere through a web browser or from mobile phones (iPhone, Android or Blackberry).

It is a new way to share your files, media and other information with anyone around the world without having to upload to third-party sites first.

Tonido is easy to setup and does not require any network or router configuration to work.

Here are the steps on how to activate Tonido to share files, folders, images, music from desktop PC to remote devices.

  • Download and Install Tonido software on your computer.
  • Create a Tonido account. The account becomes part of the URL for your computer ).
  • Use the new URL to remotely access or share your music, photos, calendar, files, and more from any computer or mobile phone.
  • To share a file or folder, just select a folder or file and select “Share”. Tonido creates a web address (e.g. for your folder. Just send the link to others and they’ll be able to see and download the file.