Most of the manufacturers of Broadband Wireless Routers allow the end users to configure the settings of their devices through a control panel. Usually this is accessible through a private IP Address similar to, which has to be entered into the Address bar of the browser running on the computer connected with the router.

There is usually a default username and password to login into the device. The default login details are hardware-set into the firmware of the device. The user is allowed to change them as per his convenience. And in case he forgets the username and password, there is usually a hardware reset button on the body of the router, which can restore all the settings to the default set, including the username and password of the device.

SMC Router Passwords – The Default List

SMC is one of the popular brands of Broadband Routers. They make a series of models of routers. Here is a list of some of the most popular routers manufactured by them alongwith the default username and passwords used in SMC Routers.

Vendor Model Protocol Username Password
SMC BARRICADE 7004 AWBR MULTI admin (none)
SMC ROUTER Rev. ALL HTTP admin admin
SMC SMC2804WBR Rev. V.1 HTTP (none) smcadmin
SMC WIFI ROUTER Rev. ALL HTTP n/a smcadmin
SMC SMB2804WBR Rev. V2 MULTI Administrator smcadmin
SMC 7401BRA Rev. 1 HTTP admin barricade
SMC 7401BRA Rev. 2 HTTP smc smcadmin
SMC BARRICADE7204BRB HTTP admin smcadmin
SMC 2804WR HTTP (none) smcadmin
SMC ROUTER/MODEM Rev. BR7401 MULTI admin barricade
SMC SMCWBR14-G Rev. SMCWBR14-G HTTP (none) smcadmin
SMC MODEM/ROUTER HTTP cusadmin highspeed
SMC 7204BRA MULTI smc smcadmin
SMC SMCWBR14-G HTTP n/a smcadmin
SMC SMC 7904BRA MULTI (none) smcadmin