update-starWhy Software Patch Update is Absolutely Necessary?

Hackers and malware developers are always on the look out of the security holes and vulnerabilities in established and popular software. And that is why, updating your software and applications with the latest patch available is one of the basic principles of PC Security.

But some studies reveal that more than 90% of all the computers are vulnerable from security point of view, just because they are running un-patched version of their software. Most of the time people do not update their software with the latest patch because of two reasons.

  1. They are not aware that their software is outdated and a software patch is available for download.
  2. They do not know, where they have to search for the download link of the available software patch.

Both of these problems are well tackled by some of the great software utilities, we have been presenting in this series. In this context, today we are introducing Update Star, the useful tool, which does the job just perfectly.

Update Start – Useful Software Patch Update Utility

UpdateStar is the program that lets you stay up-to-date and secure with all of your personal software. Whether it be Freeware, Shareware and commercial software products, UpdateStar manages all of your software installations. UpdateStar knows more than 259,000 software products and lets you know once an update is available for you.

However, now, Update Start has also introduced a paid version of their package. In their free version, you can get all the major updates of the most of the popular software. But if you do not want to miss even minor updates, then you will have to use their paid version.

Overall, a nice useful tool for all your software patch update needs.

Download UpdateStart