What are RootKits

A rootkit is a software system that consists of a program or combination of several programs designed to hide or obscure the fact that a system has been compromised. An attacker may use a rootkit to replace vital system executables, which may then be used to hide processes and files the attacker has installed, along with the presence of the rootkit.

The Detection of Rootkits is a very complex process and normal antivirus applications and security software always find it difficult to remove rootkits. They may be effective to prevent installation of new rootkits, but removal of old rootkits, which are already present in your system in difficult. Removing rootkits without compromising system integrity is particularly challenging and needs to be done with care.

Sophos Anti Root Kit – The Freeware Malware Removal Tool

For that you need specialized Anti Rootkit Applications.

Sophos Anti Root Kit is one such Anti Rootkit application, which is available for free download from the website of reputed security vendor Sophos. Sophos Anti-Rootkit provides an extra layer of protection, by safely and reliably detecting and removing any rootkit that might already have hidden itself on your system.

portable anti rootkit

You can download and store Sophos Anti Root Kit in your Pen Drive, which can be used to clean your compromised system in case need arises for that.

Important Features of Sophos Anti Root Kit

  1. It can be used both in Command Line mode as well as through GUI.
  2. It allow you to scan running processes, windows registry and local hard drives.
  3. It identifies known rootkits and selects, by default, files for removal which will remove the rootkit component of the malware without compromising OS integrity.
  4. It allows users to remove unidentified hidden files, but does not allow removal of essential system files when hidden by an identified rootkit.
  5. Once the user has run a scan, the screen prompts the user through the necessary steps until every rootkit has been removed.

Disclaimer: Removal of rootkits is a complex process. Remember to disable all your scurity software and antivirus applications before running ani anti-rootkit software. And also not that like all other security applications, anti-root kit applications are also known to sometimes raise false positives. Take extreme care to mark a process as a rootkit.

[Download Sophos Anti Root Kit]