Windows is a multitasking platform allowing you to do multiple tasks simultaneously by opening them in different windows at a time. At the back-end Windows assigns resources to these tasks as per its algorithms.

But sometimes you may want to speedup Windows performance by according high priority in resource allocation to an application of your choice. For instance you might be doing some image editing with Photoshop, or playing some resource intensive game or doing some archiving / backup; all these activities require larger share of resources and if you could prioritize the resource allocation as per your need, then it results in the overall improvement of your PC performance and speed.

TopWinPrio – A Windows Optimization and SpeedUp Tool

TopWinPrio is a freeware Windows Optimization tool, which allows you to allocate larger amount of your PC resources to the active Window. It scans your computer after a pre-determined time interval to ascertain, which is the currently active Windows and accordingly adjusts the Windows settings to allocate the resources.

It allows you to adjust the basic settings as per your need, which makes it highly flexible software.

speedup windows performance

Overall, a nive freeware tool to speedup your windows.

[Download TopWinPrio]