Spyware Terminator Review

Spyware Terminator is a computer protecting software from Crawler LLC. It is freeware so you can enjoy it without any restriction. The installation downloader is small size, which can be easily downloaded and executed to start the main antispyware package. The Spyware Terminator user interface allows you to work with the software very easy and it does not have a complicated settings menu.

spyware terminator review

The software scans, cleans and protects your computer against malware. The scanning menu has five options to choose from. The user can do a Fast Scan and the software will check only the important parts of the system; Full Scan performs checks on memory, registry, drives and NTFS ADS.

The user can do a customized scan and choose exactly what the software should check. The options here are virus scan, system, registry and files scan. You can also choose to do a deep files scan and test only infectible files (.exe, .com, .dll) on your drives. The option of scanning only some folders is also available.

The best part, which I liked about Spyware Terminator is its setup-and-forget approach. You are not required to baby-sit each and every task. It performs what it is expected to do and does it quietly in the background. Real-time protection monitors key spyware types and Windows objects, though slight system slowdowns depend on your machine. Those features and the simple scheduler will make this app appealing to novices.

Here is a youtube video review of Spyware Terminator. The music is a bit annoying, but you can watch the video with muted sound.

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