Domain Name Server, also called DNS server in short, is a repository of domain names and their IP Address, which help your browser to decipher the exact location of a website. It is an inherent component required for browsing the Internet in today’s world.

Generally it is your ISP, which provides the DNS service to your browser. But there are certain free public DNS servers, like OpenDNS and Google DNS, also which claim to make your browsing faster and more secure.

How to SpeedUp Your Internet Browsing through DNS Servers

The response of DNS server to resolve a URL into an IP Address makes a difference to your net surfing speed. Slow DNS servers may cause your browsing to slow down a bit and vide versa. In case you want to speed up the things, there is yet another option. You can create a dummy DNS server on your computer itself, which uses the trick caching DNS queries to your local server

DnsSpeeder is a DNS proxy server that acts as a local DNS server and can speed up web browsing by caching DNS queries locally instead of using your ISP for each request. The program automatically changes your network DNS settings to use whenever the server is started and changes it back to your default settings when it is stopped. Other features include automatic cache updates, DNS statistics, and an option to configure domain filters that change the way certain domains are resolved.

Surf Internet Faster

It is a freeware tool, and you can download it from the link given below.

[Download DnsSpeeder]