Broadband Router Manufacturers usually set a default password to allow the end-users to access their devices through their web browsers. All they have to do is to connect the device to their computer, open their favorite web browser, point the address bar to the default private IP Address (usually set to and give the login / password data.

The first time access requires the default router passwords to be give. The users can change this default username and password to their likings. In case they forget their passwords, they can restore the factory settings by using a hardware reset button. This restores the password also to the factory set default password.

Thompson Router Default Password

Thomson is a reputed vendor and manufacturer of the broadband routers. They make several models of these devices and a list of their popular models alongwith the default Thomson Router Passwords is as given below.

Product Name User Name Password Description
Thomson SpeedTouch AP – 180
n/a admin
– SSID : SpeedTouch180 (credit Renaud Feil)
– Admin access (HTTP)
Thomson TCW-710
(none) admin
– ono
– Admin access (Multi)
Thomson Wireless Cable Gateway – DCW725
(none) admin
– SSID : THOMSON (Credit to Renaud Feil)
– Admin access (HTTP)