spamChina has a dubious reputation of being associated with most of the ills of Internet World. The westerners have a tendency to link China with every hacking attempt, with all spamming attempts and malware threats.

There may be some truth in these reports, but sometimes, perception is different from the actual truth revealed through the research.

Recently, Sophos, a noted security vendor, has released its report on the trends in spam relaying and it says that US is the top Spam spreading country. Looking at the large userbase in US, there are no surprises here. India is a surprise entry here occupying the second place accounting for a total of about 7.3% of the total global spam.

But the real surprise lies in the absence of China from the list of top 12 spam spreading countries. China stood at distant 15th place with overall contribution of just 1.9%.

Since I am an Indian, I feel concerned about the appearance of India at the second place. What may be the reasons. The biggest reason coming to my mind is the lack of awareness about the use of security software and steps to increase security on your computer.

I still see users around me not caring a damn about updating their software, applying patches. They do not understand its importance. I have seen people procrastinating and making dumb excuses like “they do not time for this thing” to shy away from upgrading and applying patches.

Further, there are lots of copies of illegal software, operating system and their cracked versions, which do not get updated and run with lots of vulnerabilities and security holes. People hesitate to buy genuine software.

All this leads to malware infections and the victim computer becomes a part of the larger botnet under the command of a remote controller.

C’mon people, start caring about your PC Security. Don’t be part of the  botnets. Be caring about you, your privacy and security. Remember, a few small steps can make a big difference.