Mac OS-X – The Need of Free Antivirus for Mac

There used to be a time when Mac computers were considered almost ‘virus-proof’. It was thought that Windows machines are the only one susceptible to the virus and malware.

This notion was true to some extent also. Mac users are considered, in general, to be more tech-savvy as compared to their Windows users counterparts. They supposedly use sophisticated applications, many of which are the paid ones. On the other hand, Windows is a platform, which is extensively used by people on the lower pedestal of tech-savviness. Some of the Windows users rely of cheap or pirated versions of the applications, which make them vulnerable to the malware threats.

best free antivirus for mac os-x

But, situation is changing. With the growth and popularity of Mac machines and devices, malware developers are getting attracted to this lot as well. More and more malware are surfacing, which are targeting the unsuspecting Mac OS-X operating system exclusively. Last year the Mac Defender rogue, which was targeted exclusively at Mac OS-X has created lot of damage to the reputation of the Mac machines and since then, many security vendors have developed and released free antivirus for Mac OS-X.

Here is a Youtube live video, which shows just an example of an malware, which is trying to infect your Mac machine. The video is courtesy of Sophos Labs, a pioneer in the security applications both for Mac as well as Windows machines.

Top 3 Best Free Antivirus for Mac OS-X

In this series of posts, we are reviewing some of the best free antivirus for Mac OS-x. Please click on the links to go the review page of the Mac Antivirus.

  1. iAntivirus from PC Tools: PC Tools iAntivirus features realtime protection, scheduled quick scans, and scheduled updates. Monitoring mode keeps iAntivirus working truly in the background.
  2. Comodo Antivirus for Mac: Comodo Antivirus for Mac is relatively new offering and is completely free for personal use with no strings attached. The vendor is reliable and has been providing the security software and firewalls for a long time. The user interface of Comodo Antivirus for Mac is a decent and elaborate one, which allows you to tinker the settings as per your needs and requirements.
  3. Sophos Mac Antivirus Home Edition: Sophos is the trusted name for years when it comes to the security software world. Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition offers business-grade protection free for home use. And the protection literally is business-grade – the free version is based on the same Mac virus scanner Sophos uses in their Endpoint Security line.