emailWeb 2.0 is all about community sites. Websites, which are user driven, which rely of data sharing by users and which maintain a separate account for each user.

And every account is associated with an email address. Your email ID is now your personality. The most important data of your online presence. So, it is obvious that you want to safeguard it like never before.

It is a catch 22 situation. You want to register with lots of Web 2.0 websites, each asking you for your email address. And you do not want to share your email address with many of them, because you are not quite sure how they will actually utilize it. What will happen if they share it with third party and your inbox is littered with the spam you never intended to have.

Disposable Email Address is the service, which you need at those times.

Disposable Email Addresses are services, which create a email address valid just for a specified time, say few hours, and delete that account after that. There are many Disposable Email Services available on the net, but it is a hassle for a user to visit such a website, right at the time when he is all prepared to test drive the latest Web 2.0 website and just about to fill his actual email address.

Had there been a service, which just provides you a disposable email address with just a single click, right there on the page where you are about to fill your email ID, then it would be very useful., a popular disposable email service has a firefox addon just serviing this requirement. you just have to right-click on the field where you have to fill the email ID, and the option of a disposable email address is right there in your contextual menu.

After you have filled the webform, checking your TrashMail inbox is also super easy. Just a few clicks again.

Download Firefox Addon