Trendnet Router Passwords – Default Username

Most of the manufacturers of broadband routers and modems allow the users to change the settings of their devices through the web browser running on the computer connected with the router. They are generally accessible through a Private IP Address like A default username and password is embedded in the firmware of the device.

Users are allowed to change this default login and password. They can also save the changed passwords.

In case someone forgets the router password of their Trendnet Router, he can use the Hardware reset button generally provided on the body of the router. Then he can use the following table to get the password of his model.

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In case, the table does not contain your model, then you can try any other username and password combination. Chances are that you will be able to access your Trendnet Router control panel.

Product Version Port / Protocol Username Default Password Access / Impact Notes
TEW 432 BRP HTTP:// admin admin root nothing
TEW-432BRB 432BRB yarali konya1 konya1
TEW-432BRB 432BRB yarali konya1 konya1 konya
TEW-432BRP (blank) (blank)
TEW-432BRP TEW-432BRP hiua xurxure blank
tew-432brp windows7 http://192.168.10 1 admin
TEW-450APB admin admin
TEW-452BRP admin admin
TEW-510APB (blank) admin
TEW-511BRP (blank) admin
TEW-631BRP admin admin
TEW-639GR admin payago
TK1601R (none) 00000000
TK1602R (none) 00000000
TK801R (none) 00000000
TK802R (none) 00000000
TPL110AP admin admin
TRENDNET TEW411BRP (Blank) admin Admin access
TW100-BRF114 (none) (blank)
TW100-BRV204 (blank) (blank)
TW100-BRV304 (blank) (blank)
tw100-s4w1ca admini admini admin nnu stiu parola si numele vechi de la trendnet
TW100-S4W1CA (none) (blank)


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