bulk copy toolThis is the concluding part of the series of posts, in which we have taken a look at some of the best bulk file copy tools, so as to replace the Windows default File Copy command.

Why Do You Need a Separate File Copy Software

Windows has a useful built-in File Copy Tool, Everybody is aware of that. But that tool is not suitable in cases when hundreds of thousands of files are to be copied, specially when you have to copy an entire disk. Some of the common problems you might face using windows built-in tools are…

  1. It can abort the entire file copying process, if it encounters a file or corrupt file. You will have to start again.
  2. It cannot allow you to copy files from multiple folders in one go.
  3. It does not provides you any sort of customization.
  4. It does not provide you any reports, if all files were copied correctly or not.
  5. There is no Stop, Save, Pause or Resume File copy feature.
  6. The speed of file copying process if too slow as compared to some of the best tools available.
  7. Very limited features, when you talk about attributes, files sizes, date stamps etc.

So, there are lots of free and open source file copying tools, which fills the gap perfectly. Some of them are given below.

List of Best Bulk File Copying Tools

  1. Best Bulk File Copy Tool – RichCopy: After having a look at all the tools, we find that RichCopy is probably the best file copy tool available today. This tool, developed by Microsoft exclusively for its internal use, but made available to public now, is a multi-threaded copying tool and can handle several copying processes simultaneously.
  2. Ultra Fast File Copy Tool – TeraCopy: TeraCopy is the tool, which you should use if speed is your main criteria. Besides giving you great speed, it also provides you useful and interesting features. It is free for home users. But if you are a Pro user, you will have to buy the Pro version for $19.95.
  3. Damaged or Bad File Copy Utility – Unstoppable Copier: As the name suggests, it is the utility, when you expect a lot of files to be damaged or corrupt. It is best suited for salvaging whatever it can from a pool of damaged files.
  4. XXCopy: Best Recursive Command Line File Copier: If you are a command line junky, like most network administrator are, you will love it. XXCopy can beat any command line file copy tool by a huge margin. It was developed to cover up for the limitation of 256 characters for a path name for Windows Copy tool to work, but later on, it has grown huge and now it has more than 200 options and switches for addressing every file copy need.
  5. Faster File Copying – Fast Copy: And if speedier copying is your ony criteria for the selection of the tool, then go for it. It is the fasted File Copying tool I could find.
  6. Copy Handler – How to Copy Files like a Pro: Use it to believe it. A useful tool.
  7. Pause and Resume File Copy – SuperCopier: Last, but not the least. You will find convenience at your fingertips.

Click on each individual links of these chosen bulk file copy tool for a detailed review.